Available at participating Ace locations. Some restrictions apply. Free delivery offer excludes same day delivery. Explore Ace Hardware's wide selection of pest and insect control products. From humane animal traps, to mechanical and chemical deterrents, you'll find everything you need to keep pests at bay.

Browse product categories from the main page, and use the sidebar tool to sort results by price, brand, intended use and customer feedback. No-kill, catch-and-release animal traps provide a humane alternative to other, more harmful pest control solutions. Ace Hardware offers a wide selection of durable, assembly-free, live animal traps, ranging in size to trap animals of any size. Helpful Hint: To maximize your chances of capturing pest animals, try placing a two-door animal trap lengthwise against a fence or wall.

If possible, camouflage the trap with dirt and water, and cover it with foliage and twigs, to reduce glare and mask human odors. You can also place bait in a small hole under the trap's trigger plate. Of course, choose species-specific bait. To repel rather than capture pest animals, consider buying an animal repellent.

Insect and Animal Control

Most are harmless, and once set up, require little in the way of attention or maintenance. We even offer a variety of non-toxic repellents created with highly concentrated essential oils or secretions from predatory animals to keep creatures safely off your property.

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Helpful Hint: If your garden or yard is overrun with a variety of animals, consider a motion-activated pest repellent. Easily connected to a garden hose, such systems emit bursts of water and noise, startling and dissuading most animals. If you need to rid your home of noisy birds, shop our selection of bird spikes. These harmless, upwardly-angled spikes deter birds from landing on your home, in your garden or on freshly-treated lawns. From plastic spikes for smaller birds to stainless steel options for heavier animals, Ace has a wide selection of bird spikes for you to pick from.

Helpful Hint: Since birds are also frightened by bright light and sudden movement, consider combining highly-reflective Mylar flash tape with bird spikes. Hardware's extensive range of bug killer and insect control products keeps irritating insects away. Shop our selection of torches, bug zappers, spray repellents and Citronella candles to find the right product for your needs.

Helpful Hint: For serious insect infestations, browse our array of liquid pesticides.

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Many are non-toxic, created with essential oils and garlic to kill insects without harming you or your family. Moles, gophers, skunks, squirrels, chipmunks, voles, rats, woodchucks and mice can cause serious damage to your property.

How to Protect your Car from rodents

From tunnels that undermine the integrity of your yard, to foundational harm, short-circuited wires, ruined insulation and decimated food supplies, these crafty creatures can quickly become a homeowner's worst nightmare. Ace Hardware is here to help. Browse our assortment of mole traps, rodent control systems, spring-loaded and glue-based mouse traps, plus electronic options to keep any rodent from harming your home. Ace knows pest control. With a wide range of mechanical, chemical and electronic products, we have everything you need to keep flying insects, creepy crawlies, outdoor animals and household pests away.

Need help? Call I am interested in: check all that apply.An EMI shielding tape that is corrosion resistant, flexible, and durable for a variety of applications. A wrap-around cable bundling and protection solution that has a PVC, military-grade jacket that is abrasion and fluid resistant, with a pressure track. A protective jacket with a sewn-in EMI shielding cloth that features a pressure track closure.

An EMI shielding tape that has a tinned copper mesh with an aluminum polyester tape and a self-adhesive closure. A high-quality fire-resistant, abrasion-resistant and chemical-resistant electrical tape made of a non-PVC polyurethane film for insulation of wiring.

A wrap-around, abrasion-resistant, fluid-resistant heat shrink that repairs wires or cables with diameters up to 0. A lightweight, PVC-coated cable bundling and protection solution that is available in a range of colors and is equipped with nylon snaps for easy re-entry.

A wrap-around, abrasion-resistant, fluid-resistant heat shrink that repairs small wires or cables with diameters of 0. A wrap-around heat shrink made from MIL-SPEC tubing that repairs electrical systems and assembled components and is resistant to abrasion and chemicals. An EMI shielding mesh tape that has a tinned copper mesh with a copper foil and a self-adhesive closure. A protective jacket paired with an EMI shielding foil that features a pressure track closure, that is ideal for applications that will not experience flexing.

A wrap-around cable protection solution featuring a military-grade jacket, which is resistant to abrasions, tears, and fluids, and a pressure track closure. A wrap-around solution that has a protective jacketing paired with an EMI shielding cloth and adhesive closure. A lightweight, abrasion-resistant, wrap-around cable bundling and protection solution that has an acrylic-based transfer adhesive closure.

An EMI shielding solution that features a snap-button closure for quick application and has the ability to be cut to length. A flame retardant, EMI shielding tape that is offered in standard and custom width options for a variety of applications. A wrap-around cable protection solution that is flexible, resistant to abrasion and fluids, and has a pressure track closure. A military-grade, flame-retardant, pull-through cable and wire protection solution that has a nylon cloth leader.

A wrap-around EMI shielding solution that features a flame-retardant polyurethane jacket and high-performing shielding foil. A wrap-around, military-grade heat shrink paired with a high-temperature water blocking, hot-melt adhesive that protects against harsh environmental conditions.

A flexible, wrap-around robotic cable management sleeve with a hook-and-loop closure that bundles and protects crucial wires and cables. An EMI shielding mesh tape that has the option of being equipped with or without an adhesive closure. A wrap-around, heat shrink solution that provides protection and strain from connector backshells.

A protective jacket paired with a durable, long-lasting EMI shielding mesh that features a pressure track closure. A pull-through bundling sleeve equipped with a nylon cloth leader, made of a 0. A clear, military-grade, wrap-around heat shrink ideal for applications that need a durable repair and the ability to see through to the wire labels.

A single extruded PVC pressure track system that provides bundling and protection to wires and cables. An EMI shielding heat shrink that is engineered for wires as small as 0. A self-closing wire bundling and protecting sleeve made from self-extinguishing PET material that is ideal for high-volume requirements.

A wrap-around, abrasion-resistant and fluid-resistant heat shrink that repairs large wires or cables with diameters ranging from 0. A lightweight, high-performing EMI shielding solution with an aluminum foil that is laminated with a polyester film and has an adhesive closure. A lightweight heat reflective shield with stainless-steel snap buttons to protect interconnected components from high temperatures.

A flexible, flame-retardant, thin wall polyolefin heat shrink and EMI shielding solution that features a shrink ratio and the ZCN shielding cloth.The Inventory levels are a real-time representation of actual inventory quantities. The levels will vary continuously as products are ordered, produced and shipped. If you have questions about specific inventory quantities, please contact your Techflex Account Representative.

We have plenty of product and can immediately fill virtually any order. Zero Lead Time. We have enough product to immediately fill large orders. No Lead Time. Most orders will be filled, but some large orders may incur backorders. May have small lead time. Orders for smaller quantities should be no problem, but there probably isn't enough to fill large orders without backordering some quantity.

Short Lead time. Inventory is very limited. Very small orders may not be a problem, but if immediate fulfillment is necessary, you should contact your Account Rep for scheduling.

Lead Time of Weeks. We are out of stock. Orders will be backordered. There may be some odd quantities to fill small orders, Contact your Account Rep.

Lead Times may be as long as 8 weeks. Flexo Rodent Resistant RRN is the latest solution from Techflex for fighting the harmful effects ofunprotected wires which are exposed to rodents. Muskrats, Mice, Rats, and other rodents have never ending time to find and destroy wiring and hose systems.

Techflex has once again combined our knowledge pf technical filaments and braided protection sleeves to create an amazing rodent resistant sleeving. Our new flexible wire and hose braided conduit makes a very repulsive meal for any critter. In our own in-house testing, rodents completely avoided our new Flexo RRN even when stuffed with food.

Make your wires and hoses an unappealing midnight snack with new Flexo Rodent Resistant. Change units to Metric. What Is The Inventory Level?InspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest. We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this website. How to inspect, repair, or replace the insulation under the floor of a manufactured home, mobile home, or trailer.

What is a mobile home belly wrap or bottom board? Is it insulation or just a rodent barrier or moisture barrier?

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It depends. What kind of insulation do I use for under the belly of my manufactured mobile home and where can I buy it?

The reader has not provided photos of the crawl space under her manufactured - mobile home, but we have adapted photographs from several sources to illlustrate belly-wrap problems and solutions.

Department of Energy power point presentation cited in detail below. Our photo shows black plastic used to wrap or re-wrap the belly of a mobile home and additional plastic that has been placed on the ground to act as a moisture barrier. The skirting on this home has been removed but must be replaced at the completion of the work. Watch out : when working under a mobile home, manufactured home, or any tight crawl space there may be serious health and safety hazards.

More than one reader have reported getting an electrical shock while working under a mobile or manufactured home. Hazards in such tight spaces are outlined.

When choosing an insulation to use under the belly or bottom board of your manufactured home or mobile home you want to answer a few questions first:. If your present home has exposed fiberglass insulation over an un-protected crawl space, in my OPINION it would be an improvement to replace exposed fiberglass with a plastic enclosed insulation or a solid foam board insulation. That's because I don't want to risk the un-protected insulation becoming damp, mold infested, or rodent infested. Should the existing insulation be removed?

Is an existing rodent barrer damaged? Is the insulation rodent-infested, wet, or moldy? In this case the insulation should be removed and the exposed surfaces, if moldy, cleaned and sealed.

Watch out : With the old rodent barrier and damaged insulation removed it is also easier to check for damaged or rodent-chewed wiring, damaged, loose, leaky ductwork, and for signs of water leaks from above. All of these need to be repaired before proceeding. In the photo,adapted from the US DOE who used a photo from the PA WTC cited belowwe have pointed out damaged insulation that is likely also to be wet, perhaps moldy and rodent-infested - that insulation should be removed for health reasons and of course because falling into the crawl area below the mobile home it's also completely ineffective.

We also point out that the rodent shield has been torn and needs repair or replacement - since we're removing the insulation the rodent shield will be removed as well.Rodents seem to find anything in storage to be irresistible, even vehicles under car covers.

From dryer sheets to D-con to sulfur or steel wool, here are a few ways to keep those pesky little nuisances out of your stored car.

rodent shield tape

Honda Rodent-Tape is regular ole electrical tape treated with Capsaicin. Capsaicin is the hot in spicy food. You know, the kind that makes you reach for a glass of milk or chug some water. If you put them in when you put the car away for winter storage, the mothballs themselves are dissolved by the beginning of summer. To get rid of the smell, open up your car to air it out and take it for a few rides.

No nasty rodent damage and no more mothball smell. Simply get some from the Dollar Store. The sheets need to be placed all over the interior, in the trunk, on your tires, in the exhaust pipe, and under the hood. When you prepare your car for its first spring outing, simply gather up all the dryer sheets and throw them away. Not only does this keep the rats and mice away, your car will smell like it just came out of your dryer.

Victor snap traps work well.

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It has greater sensitivity than the metal-tongued traps. If you smear peanut butter in the center whole, it is irresistible to the rodents. Just use enough to give off enough scent to draw them in. Just be aware that peanut butter is also irresistible to some small bugs and crickets. Check your traps regularly to be sure that the peanut butter is still there.

One of the most tried and true, effective means of removing rats and mice from any place is to place D-Con around any areas which may give them access.

The areas need to be too small for access by cats, dogs or any other pets — as D-Con is harmful. There is a slight odor as the pesky little rodents are killed off, but for cars in storage, D-Con is guaranteed to prevent damage to any insulation or upholstery in your classic car.

If you put small wads of steel wool inside the pipes of your vehicle, the rats and mice cannot get in. This is a little more humane way to protect your car than simply killing them off.Rodents have plagued humans for millennia.

Honda Civic electrical problems - rodents chewing wires - fixed

In the modern world their presence negatively impacts on our electronic interconnect infrastructure because rodents love to chew on electrical wire insulations. Rats gnawing through your wires? Mice chewing your cables? Gophers destroying your wire harnesses? These ravenous rodents must be stopped. We have the solution. While sustainable electrical products, such as soy-based wiring insulation, are environmentally beneficial, they come with potential consequences.

A troubling issue related to such products is that rodents are attracted to these biodegradable materials. In fact, wiring insulations made from soy-based polymers rather than traditional petroleum-based polymers have become a viable new food source for them.

There have been numerous reports of rodents eating wiring in automobiles — the lawsuit in against Toyota is a prime example. In years past, rodents gnawed through these wires to create nests under car hoods. While this is mostly a nuisance, think of the same potential damage inside a home or place of business.

A catastrophic fire could occur due to rodent damaged wiring insulation. Currently, the auto industry is the leader in using these types of products, but it is only a matter of time before the construction industry follows suit.

rodent shield tape

Simply cut to your desired length and wrap the product around your harness. This coating is highly repulsive to mice, rats, gophers, squirrels, muskrats and other rodents, protecting your wires, cables or harnesses from potential damage. Diameters range from 0.

Even food has been tested inside of the material. Please note that these are typical results and every situation is different. If handled without, wash hands with soap and water. Products Materials Browse All Materials.

Capabilities Industries. Product Highlights. Please contact our Engineering team at for additional support specific to your issue. Speak with Our Engineers. Speak with an Engineer.Fulfillment by Amazon FBA is a service we offer sellers that lets them store their products in Amazon's fulfillment centers, and we directly pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products.

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rodent shield tape

Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Please enter a question. A stainless steel non-rust material used to fill holes and cracks to prevent rodents and pests from entering homes, buildings, apartments and other facilities.

It is a proven barrier against rodents, bed bugs, birds, bats and other pests. Skip to main content. You can return the item for any reason in new and unused condition and get a full refund: no shipping charges Learn more about free returns.

How to return the item? Go to your orders and start the return Select the ship method Ship it! We will ship this item as soon as we can and email you a confirmation when it ships.

Learn more. Only 9 left in stock - order soon.

How to Protect Your Car From Rodents

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